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Fiction movies should watch

Fiction movies should watch

. 4 min read

Minority Report (2002)

Steven Spielberg's sci-fi action film combines the essentials of impressive and engaging work. With a uniquely new idea in 2054, when people can predict the future and can control them. The film is built into a story that is both heavy and emotional and has lots of entertainment and action. The Minority Report is also very successful in creating an entire future world besides the touching personal story of John Anderton (Tom Cruise). Along with that, the fight scenes and chases branded by Tom Cruise are all in the movie.

Ready Player One (2018)

The virtual arena is a science fiction film made by Steven Spielberg - one of the pioneers of the New Hollywood film era (1960-1980) and directed, based on the same novel. Name. The film gave the audience a joyful journey to enter the world in 2045 when humanity uses OASIS virtual reality software to engage in work and play. Blockbuster by Steven Spielberg especially makes gamers fascinated with monumental techniques and series of "easter eggs" with a series of intimate details in American popular culture. "The movie is entertaining, engaging from beginning to end," commented Dani Di Placido.

The Martian (2015)

The science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott (69), based on the best-selling novel of the same name by writer Andy Weir. The lone journey of astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) when left on Mars is the appeal of the film. The audience sees the scientist's quality when faced with survival, and the ability to handle situations in harsh environments that he had previously studied only through books. With a simple plot, much easier to see than the works on astronomy, the universe, the viewer seems to be inspired by the optimistic and humorous spirit of the astronaut cum botanist learn this.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

The work is adapted from the comic series "All You Need is Kill" by Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Set in the future when the Earth is invaded by an alien strain, bringing a war of destruction that humans can not resist. Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is a man who has never participated in field combat, so he died after a few minutes. After waking up, Cage realized he had fallen into a time loop with the repetition point is when he died. A film with all the attractive plot elements, dramatic happenings, action scenes, and star cast has helped Edge Of Tomorrow win the hearts of both critical critics and mass audiences.

WALL-E (2008)

The story of a lonely scavenger robot on Earth is dying in the sea of trash. Every creature that ever lived on the beautiful planet has to leave. Nearly the first half of the film has absolutely no lines, politically with the message condemning consumerism and the greed of global corporations. In particular a chilling warning about dependence on technology. Not just a mere cartoon fiction. Wall-E is a rustic, charming, and sweet love story of two loving robots. Critics Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter rated Wall-E "with the heart, soul, spirit, and romance of the best silent films."

District 9 (2009)

The movie is set in South Africa, where aliens land. The creatures are called "shrimp" and reside in a separate area called district 9. Not only is the film about aliens invading Earth in the future, the story in District 9 and how the species He treats alien creatures like a metaphor for the Dark Apartheid in South Africa when black people are discriminated against and suffer many ridiculous laws. The film was highly praised by critics, and received up to five nominations at the Oscars, including Best Feature Film and Best Adapted Screenplay.

War of the Worlds (2005)

This movie starring actor Tom Cruise, child star Dakota Fanning and director Steven Spielberg made. The main character in War of the Worlds is Ray Ferrier - a man who has just been divorced by his wife by a sloppy lifestyle. He was suddenly caught up in the fight against the killing machines that suddenly appeared in the sky. The film succeeds in depicting the humility of humanity before the threat of aliens, creating an exciting and attractive thrill but at the same time portraying the fatherhood between the Ferrier father and son.

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

The film is adapted from the manga "Battle Angel Alita" by Yukito Kishiro. The story takes place in the future for several centuries. A female robot named Alita (Rosa Salazar) is treated by a doctor (Christoph Waltz) and helps her remember her tragic past. To the general public, the original work is known. Alita: Battle Angel is not difficult to follow because the plot is easy to understand and straightforward. Alita: Battle Angel possesses impressive and realistic visual effects. The background of the post-apocalyptic fantasy world expressed through Iron City is both dusty, desolate, rich in style and very interesting in life.

I, Robot (2004)

The film is set in the Earth in 2035. The time that robots have become familiar and a powerful assistant for humans in a lot of daily work. However, there are things that people cannot foresee when entrusting these lifeless robots. The film is a combination of many different ideas. Not only demonstrates what Isaac Asimov wrote in his famous "I, Robot" series but also a very successful combination of initiatives and perceptions of many famous authors. The film was considered one of the most action-worthy sci-fi action films of the 2000s.

Attack the Block (2011)

This is a low-budget sci-fi thriller of England but highly appreciated by experts. The work does not need a lot of skill, but it is still beautiful because of the impressive script and the power of the director. The story is not new and easy to guess. It depicts a group of slum civilians who suddenly face bloodthirsty monsters falling from the sky. The fun lies in the small details and each character in their own story when facing the beasts. The characters in the film are typical for young people who were once shocked but until the incident. They know their strength is small; many things have not been experienced.