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How did the US military detect strange flying objects?

How did the US military detect strange flying objects?

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During the period 2004-2015, many videos of unidentified objects in the sky  recorded by the US Navy

The US Navy has just confirmed three clips of foreign objects in the sky as "real." They recorded by pilots between 2004-2015 and have spread on the Internet over the past few years.

"The Navy calls the objects seen in the footage unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP)," Joseph Gradisher, a spokesman for the US Naval Warfare Office, told Black Vault.

The image of the flying object is recorded as an oval like a Tic Tac candy. Photo: LiveScience.

Before that, UAP often referred to as unidentified flying object (UFO). They are unlike any other aircraft humans have ever known. Black Vault also said the videos above were not "classified," but were not allowed for public release.

Strange shape

In December 2017 and March 2018, the New York Times published three videos showing US Navy pilots watching an unidentified air phenomenon. These objects fly at supersonic speeds, though observations show that they are entirely wingless or use jet engines.

These flying objects move through the sky at supersonic speed. Photo: LiveScience.

In a 2017 interview with the New York Times, David Fravor, a former US Navy commander, said the American pilot saw the flying object from the cockpit of a Boeing F / A-18E / F Super. Hornet in 2004 "about 12 m long and oval, like Tic Tac candy".

Lieutenant Ryan Graves, another pilot who piloted another Super Hornet, told the New York Times that the object he saw in 2014 and 2015 looked like a sphere wrapped around a cube inside.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Cheeks Kurth, a pilot of the US Marine Corps, said he saw "a turbulent whirlpool about 50-100 meters in diameter". Kurth calls it the "white water" area.

How were strange objects discovered?

These objects are discovered in many different ways. Fravor and the other pilots saw the UAP with their eyes. Meanwhile, radar observers on USS Princeton found the purpose for several weeks with the SPY-1 radar system.

Fravor was unable to detect foreign objects with the APG-73 radar on his aircraft. However, Graves did it in 2015 with the new APG-79 radar system. APG-79 has increased sensitivity and processing power superior to the old radar system.

These objects can be viewed with their eyes, radar or infrared sensor system. Photo: PopularMechanics.

Three videos were publicly released, respectively "FLIR1", "Gimbal" and "GoFast." All of them are visible via target-oriented infrared transmitters. In "Gimbal," the object was seen looks like a flying saucer.

In general, these objects can be viewed by various methods such as the naked eye, radar, or infrared transmitter. Fravor has seen these objects with his eyes, and directional infrared sensor systems also determine them.

Superfast speed

Fravor said the mysterious flying object had descended so suddenly that even the most modern aircraft of humankind could not. Radar observer on the USS Princeton told that "the object appeared at an altitude of about 24,000 m and then suddenly dropped to about 6,000 m and hovered above the sea surface. After that, it disappeared from radar's view. "

Do aliens really exist? Photo:

Graves also said that in 2014-2015, he saw these objects appear at "rocket" speed. When they are at an altitude of about 9,000 m, at about 6,000 m and even appear above sea level. "They can increase or decrease the speed dramatically and then reach the supersonic speed."

Graves contends that these objects possess significantly more power than their size. "These things have been out there for a long time. Keeping an airplane in the air requires enormous power," Graves said.

Currently, the US Department of Defense has not spoken about this information. However, Luis Elizondo - a former intelligence official. The head of the US government's UFO research program confirmed that much other confidential information has not disclosed.

"I believe there is a lot of compelling evidence that we are not alone in the universe," Elizondo told CNN in 2017.