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Huawei's success or failure is 10 minutes apart.

Huawei's success or failure is 10 minutes apart.

. 4 min read

Installing Google services on Huawei's latest phone is not difficult, but who buy this phone?

After four months of being officially discontinued from Google, after both renewing technology licenses from the U.S., Huawei finally launched the Mate 30 Pro. There are no last-minute changes to the software: the device uses Android, but cannot use Google services and software.

Just a few days after the Mate 30 Pro was announced, Android developers found a way to install Google services on this phone. This process only takes about 10 minutes. In theory, this is the last step for Mate 30 Pro to become a complete smartphone. However, in reality, this never happens.

Only 10 minutes to turn Mate 30 Pro into a "standard" Android phone.

After the Mate 30 Pro launched, Huawei was quite conflicted when it came to unlocking the bootloader, a necessary feature for users to install a custom operating system (ROM) version on their phones. Typically, if the machine is not installed on Google services, users have to install the custom ROM.

To install Android services, users only need to go to the web, install the APK file and it will take about 10 minutes. Photo: 9to5Google.

However, a user on Reddit found a way to install Google services without unlocking the bootloader, without trying to open the highest root access.

According to 9to5Google, this approach is "incredibly simple" when you only need to install a single application. To do this, users need to download an application called L.Z. Play as an APK file. After installing the application on the device from this file, users have been able to access the Google Play Store and login Google accounts.

At this time, the user has installed the necessary Google services to use Google apps as usual. You can go to the Play Store and download any Google app you like, like Gmail, YouTube, or Drive. If there is an error during login, restart the computer is okay.

After only a few minutes, the device was able to run the Google Play Store. Photo: 9to5Google.

Not only simple, but this method is also confirmed by many news sites to work very well. 9to5Google's Damien Wilde says he installed Google services right from the moment he got it and used it for a whole week without a problem. C. Scott Brown of Android Authority also said that the machine used to be very stable after installing Google services.

According to editor Mishaal Rahman from XDA-Developers, it seems that Google has taken a step back from Huawei and external service installation solutions. Some services, such as Google Pay also work with the above solution.

10 minutes is still too big a limit for users

Although the installation process is quite simple, this is not a way to install users to wait from an Android phone. Just a simple step that allows the APK file downloaded from the browser to be installed on the computer can also confuse users who are not familiar with the technology.

Besides, to install Google services, L.Z. Play require many permissions, possibly including root access. Android Authority judges that trusting a Chinese app to grant so many rights is a challenge for many users.

To use the Google service on Mate 30 Pro, users must trust a website from China. Photo: Android Authority.

"This requires a Chinese-origin third-party application to have very high access to the system. At this stage, many people shake their heads and ignore the phone." An author of Android Authority commented.

"The origin of this application is ambiguous; there is no information from the source code of the site or WHOIS. Usually, we not recommend downloading applications from unknown sources. However, if you want to install the application to use Google on Mate 30, you have to do this, "the article of Android Central has the same opinion.

Thus, although the technical barrier is minimal, the barrier of trust is the biggest obstacle for users.

Why trust in an unknown Chinese app to install Google services on your Mate 30? Why not only buy another Android phone, available with Google services?

Remember, Mate 30 is a high-end phone. The starting price for the Mate 30 Pro is about $ 1,200. No matter how attractive other technologies are, failing to run Google services is still a weakness of the Mate 30 series that rivals like Samsung and OnePlus are targeting in advertising campaigns.

"That's great. Paying $ 1,100 for a phone, and I have to install the Google app myself by going to an obscure website. It must be crazy to think that the average user accepts that." user cri064 comment on Reddit.

Not having a Google service is still a pain for Huawei Mate 30. Photo: 9to5Google.

Despite Huawei's promises, its App Gallery cannot replace Google. The early experience of the reporters shared the view that this app store is too weak.

"Overall, Huawei's app store is useless to users outside of China. They promised to spend up to $ 1 billion to invite developers to make more applications, but so far there have been no apparent results.

There is no WhatsApp, no Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, no mapping app, and certainly no Google apps, "commented Bogdan Petrovan of Android Authority.

Not finding a solution with the U.S. and Google, Huawei still is stuck with the problematic Android problem. The 10-minute gap is small, but still a big obstacle for the dream of taking the No. 1 position in the smartphone village they rekindled earlier this year.

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