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List of the most beneficial and educational video games for children

List of the most beneficial and educational video games for children

. 4 min read

Video games have not traditionally enjoyed good fame: they are a waste of time, "digital distractions" and more...But times have changed, and much of video games always played in moderation, can become a good influence. Yes, believe it or not, video games are good at programming and educational robotics.

To make it more transparent which is the best video game for your child, it could be summed up in the one that challenges his mind on different levels (and we mean only being the fastest to reach a goal). In Camp Tecnológico, we work in some of our workshops these video games to reach the youngest.

These are some of the best video games for children from 4 to 8 years according to MedTech, a North American company that works as a Technology Camp with the same objective, to bring technology to the youngest.

LEGO Creator Islands (Google Play, iTunes)

LEGO Creator Islands allows young builders to explore and play on five exotic islands. The great thing about the game (in addition to the excellent gameplay and the variety of bricks and accessories) is that it's free and has no ads or purchases in the application. In fact, none of LEGO's digital games or its doppelganger junior Duplo has ads.

Minecraft (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch)

Minecraft has retained its power of permanence for several years, mainly because, in essence, it is a well-done game. It is also an incredibly versatile game and can be played in several ways. There is exploration, resource gathering, elaboration, and, of course, combat. Not to mention that Minecraft is educational, and can teach children the basics of programming by modifying the root code of the game, which is based on Java.

Lightbot Jr.: Encoding Puzzles (Google Play, iTunes)
Lightbot Jr. is an introduction to coding. For this game, you have to pay something for it, but that is a small price to pay for your children to be interested in programming and begin to understand the basics of computer science. This is the toddler version of Lightbot: Puzzle programming and kids can play as Boybot or Girlbot. Forty-two levels challenge children to solve and complete puzzles using a primary graphical interface. Educators around the world choose Lightbot to introduce and teach computers to children because of the high quality and direct interactivity: you should too.

Zelda Legend: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

The game has received many, many honors, including the Game of the Year. The game is considered by many video game journalists to be one of the best video games of all time. All the games in the Zelda series are first class, but this is a reference game in its own right. What stands out is the open adventure that encourages discovery, exploration, and experimentation.

Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Nintendo's first 3D Mario game has been shown to increase gray matter (brain size)! True, one study used Super Mario 64 to show that playing video games directly affects and impacts the brain regions responsible for memory, spatial orientation, information organization, and excellent motor skills. In addition to being a classic, it sets the standard for 3D platform games that would follow; the game is easy to learn, perversely fun, and full of places and things to discover.

Nintendo Labo (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo Labo is a Nintendo Switch accessory that allows children to create all kinds of cardboard gadgets and invent new ways to play. Each Nintendo Labo kit comes with a pre-cut cardboard stack that children mount on a contraption. The cardboard gadget is used with the Nintendo Switch controller and corresponds to the included game, so, for example, these Toy-Con as Nintendo calls them, can turn the controller / Switch into a piano (to make music), a fishing rod (to go fishing), or robot (to attack things).

Pet Bingo (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon)

Pet Bingo is designed for K-4 children and is a beautifully designed educational entertainment title. Pet Bingo teaches Common Basic State Standards for math in a fun and interactive way. Children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, and geometry. The game presents various levels of difficulty and adapts to your child's abilities and progress. As children solve math problems, they receive pet rewards, such as food or a pet name, for example, for use in the pet store.

A solar system with Astro Cat (Google Play, iTunes, Amazon)

Teach your kids about the wonders of the universe with this charming educational game. Children explore planets, stars, and more as they learn about astrophysics. Children can build a spaceship and fly a cat in a jetpack.

Here are some of the best video games for kids ages 9-12.

Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)
Fortnite is the incredibly popular third-person battle royale game you may have heard of. It's a fast creative and fun shooting game with an exciting twist. Players try to rebuild after "The Storm" and protect themselves from the waves of zombie creatures that invade at night, and between them. The weapons and gadgets are ingeniously designed, and well balanced. It also uses ingenious manufacturing mechanics to build fortresses.

Civilization (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)
Sid Meier's original 4X strategy game has a simple goal: "Build an empire to stand the test of time." Players explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Single and multiplayer turn-based strategy play is spread over eons, starting at 4000 BC. Playability is based on historical facts, and opponents show traits of their real-world civilization: the Aztecs, for example, are a rich and fiercely expansionist civilization.

Sim City (PC, Xbox, PlayStation)
Sim City is a sandbox strategy game that starts simple but develops into a complex and layered game experience. The game teaches children about urban planning, engineering topics, property zoning, and community operations. It's considered one of the best simulations there is, and for country kids who haven't yet had access to a big city, it can be not just a fun and educational experience, but a revealing one.

Big Brain Academy (Nintendo DS)
Brain training games such as BBA are intended to help children and adults improve their memory and other cognitive skills such as calculus, analysis, and identification. The game also allows a player to compete with up to seven friends or family members to see who has the most massive brain. Each exercise or test takes about a minute to complete. Other brain games like BBA are an excellent time to build family bonds, so be sure to take a look at them.