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Saudi Arabia's $ 500 billion city uses the artificial moon

Saudi Arabia's $ 500 billion city uses the artificial moon

. 3 min read

Neom is a city of technology, expected to be completed by 2025. However, after a famous journalist was murdered, the plan is behind schedule.

Saudi Arabia is fulfilling its ambition to build a future city, 33 times larger than New York. Called Neom, the city will be located next to the Red Sea coast, in the northwestern Tabuk province of the country.

Neom is compounded by the Greek word "neos" which means "new" and "mustaqbal" - 'future' in Arabic. Saudi officials say this is the "most ambitious project in the world." In 2018, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Neom would be completed in October 2025.

Neom is financed by a US $ 500 billion Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, in addition to capital from foreign investors. The government hopes Neom will reform this Middle Eastern national society, reduce its dependence on oil, and make it a world technology hub.

In the photo, tourists are taking pictures of robots at an exhibition called Neom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 2017.

Neom's location in Saudi Arabia. The city will use cloud seeding technology to create artificial clouds that produce more rainfall than regular watering the arid desert. Also, Neom also owns the most advanced education system on the planet, with classes taught by "virtual reality" teachers.

Neom will build a park with robotic animals, which is reminiscent of the movie "Jurassic Park."

Most impressive is that Neom will be lit up at night thanks to the artificial Moon. It is not clear in detail how this technology is implemented. Last October, China also introduced an artificial moon project, which has eight times stronger light intensity than the real Moon, covering an area of ​​10-80 km in diameter and lighting range. Accurate control within a few dozen meters.

People in this technology city will use flying cars as an essential means of transportation. Project officials said that in the future, traditional driving was only a way to entertain, not to formally transport.

Residents of Neom will also enjoy food from more Michelin-star restaurants than any city in the world. Pictured is Riyadh, the capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia.

The coastline of the city bordering the Red Sea will be covered with glowing sand during the night.

The area will be the airport of the city. Currently, Neom airport has been officially registered internationally.

On the city website, Neom is said to be inspired by Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.

The Saudi government also organizes many events to promote and promote the project. In the photo, the athletes of Wingsuit flying (parachuting adventure), attending Extreme Sports Event 2018 held right at Neom. Players put on a costume designed from super light material and jump down from high positions such as the top of the tower, skyscrapers, mountain peaks. Then winding in the air, then landing with an umbrella.